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I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to be the makeup artist for the live show and web series Comedy Whacked that was filmed in Los Angeles, CA. For those of you who don’t know what Comedy Whacked is here is a description from the website,” Comedy whacked is the next big hit show for kids & teens! Think SNL…Think Conan O’Brian… NOW THINK BOTH!!! BUT, for kids and teens!”

Comedy Whacked is filmed in front of a live audience with a live teen house band, hosted & performed by some of the funniest kids & teens around. The hosts of the show, Tessa Grady and Kyle Dietz are tremendously talented. Tessa is 15 years old, a hilarious comedian & singer. Her credits include King of Queens, Sony commercials & stage performances in Wizard of Oz, Cinderella, Meet Me in St. Louis, Annie and Oklahoma. As a vocalist, she can be heard on The Mommy and Me, Disney Princess CD series, and Santa Clause 3. Kyle is a 16 year old phenom that loves to entertain, act, play music. He’s worked with Heather Graham, Darryl Hannah, Robert Patrick & Sophie Bush in Supercross, Nick Stahl & Clea DuVall in HBO Miniseries Carnivale. Kyle has also hosted/emceed a number of teen-kid celebrity charity events in Hollywood.

Working on Comedy Whacked is a blast. Everyone involved in the show is incredibly talented, and there are some really great names attached to the project. These include:

  • Lauren Burgoni
  • Dylan Bennet
  • Allie Carieri
  • Jennifer Cook
  • Ryan Lefton
  • Stacey Hicks
  • Joe Grady
  • Aubrey Jacobowitz
  • Nick Krsnich
  • Vincent Lauro
  • Mitchell List
  • Kacie Lynch
  • Brandon Jamal White

As you can see, this is an all-star cast of young talent. I really think this project has a lot of potential. During the first few episodes Tessa and Kyle interviewed Tom Kenny (voice of Spongebob Squarepants), Malcom David Kelly (from Lost), Mathew Underwood and Noah Cyrus.

Production Team:

  • Stan Carlson: Creator/Producer/Writer
  • Mike Dietz: Creator/Producer/Writer
  • Ned Lott: Executive Producer/Talent Coordinator
  • Leanna Sheldon: Casting

Below are some of the head shots that we took for the show. You can see more of them in our head shots gallery. I want to thank the production team and all of the wonderful young talent on this show for being such a pleasure to work with. Looking forward to continuing to work with you- you rock!

Brittany Renee
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Head Shots and Photos From Comedy Whacked

Makeup Artist Allie Carieri Comedy Whacked Makeup Artist Kacie Lynch  Comedy WhackedMakeup Artist Dylan Bennett Comedy WhackedMakeup Artist Joe Grady Comedy WhackedMakeup Artist Aubrey Jacobowitz Comedy Whacked Makeup Artist Brandon White Comedy Whacked Makeup Artist Jennifer Cook Comedy Whacked Makeup Artist Kyle Dietz Comedy Whacked Makeup Artist Lauren BurgoniComedy Whacked Makeup Artist Malcom David Kelley Comedy Whacked Makeup Artist Matt Underwood  Comedy Whacked Makeup Artist Mitchell List Comedy Whacked Makeup Artist Nick Krsnich Comedy Whacked noah cyrus Ryan_Lefton02 Stacey_Hicks Tessa_Grady0202 tom_kenny_kacie_lynch2