Hey Everybody!

Just wanted to share a music video I was makeup artist and hairstylist for. The music video titled ‘Body Parts” was for the band Army of Freshmen. Army of Freshmen is a very successful rock band based out of Ventura, CA. They have tourned with a number of awesome bands in their genre including Fallout Boy, AFI, Yellowcard, NOFX and many others. Their band members Chris Jay, Aaron Goldberg, Owen Bucey, Dan Clarkm, Kai Dodson & James Schlachter are all really sweet guys. As you can see the video was Western themed, and was filmed at the beautiful Paramount Ranch in the Santa Monica Mountains- the perfect place to do such a shoot. For those of you who don’t know, Paramount Ranch is a historical place in the movie business. Hundreds of Western movies have been filmed there- it is a very cool place that has played a big role in film history. I’ve worked on quite a few different projects there myself, including a Western themed wedding at Paramount Ranch that was spectacular.

This particular music video shoot was a lot of fun. It was not my typical job as a makeup artist because it involved mostly men and was themed, thus my job wasn’t to beautify the actors but to get them into character and prepare them to look good in high definition video. I really enjoy doing character makeup- it is something I’d like to do more of.

I want to thank Army of Freshmen, the production team and everyone involved for making me the makeup artist and hairstylist for this music video shoot. Everyone was a blast to work with, and we had a lot of fun getting everyone into character. I think the video turned out great and everyone looks fantastic in the video. I also like how the video has a comedic feel to it. Enjoy the video!

Stay Gorgeous!

Brittany Renee
Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist
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