Hey Everyone!

I was the makeup artist for the music video shoot for the band Red Light Sky’s single “A Fair Fight”. This music video shoot was a lot of fun and took place in Los Angeles, CA. For this music video I did airbrush makeup, hair styling and a bit of grooming for the band (all guys), as well as hair styling and airbrush makeup for the ladies in the video. The concept for this video is pretty fun- during the course of the video all of the members of the band are in a boxing ring boxing a bunch of pretty girls. One by one each of the band members gets knocked out but at the end of the day, they prevail. Hey, it’s their video so I get it but if it were up to me and I got to rewrite the script, the ladies would prevail!

The band and everyone involved in the video were a pleasure to work with and everyone looked great. Most importantly, everyone looks great in the video which was shot with an amazing camera. This is the gift and the curse about new camera technology- new camera’s these days do such an amazing job at capturing crystal clear, high definition video. This is why it is as important as ever to hire the right makeup artist for such a shoot- High Definition video and photography can be unforgiving.

I am very passionate about all kinds of music and feel very blessed that I was brought on to be a part of this music video shoot. I want to thank the production team, the band and everyone involved for making me a part of this. I think the video looks fantastic and I’m really looking forward to being the makeup artist on more music video shoots.

Stay Gorgeous!

Brittany Renee
Makeup Artist & Hairstylist
Elite Makeup Designs

Red Light Sky’s Music Video “A Fair Fight”