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How to Create a Glowy Bronzed Summer Makeup Look

I hope that you enjoy this GRWM Glowy Bronzed Summer Makeup Look and will get ready with me! Summer is here and its the best time to be able to pull off that no makeup makeup look, but also have that glowy bronzed skin for that date your getting ready for. This is my go [...]

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Blackhead Removal Beauty Hack | Makeup Tutorial

We hope that you enjoy this fun blackhead removal beauty hack as much as we did! We had seen this blackhead removal beauty hack via Pinterest over and over again and were very intrigued as to whether or not it would really help remove those blackheads we all love so much by just using glue! [...]

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Milani Product Review | Drugstore Makeup Haul

I have finally tried out the popular brand of drugstore makeup, Milani Cosmetics. In this Milani product review makeup haul I tell you my loves and hates about 5 of their items! You won't want to miss this insider information and hopefully this video will inspire you to try some new makeup products that are [...]

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Easy Prom Hairstyles Tutorial For Medium & Long Hair

Hello My Prom Queens, Graduates and Party Animals! Spring is here and with it comes a plethora of events. Whether you're heading to prom, graduation, a wedding or maybe even a vacation, these 2 hairstyles for both medium and long hair are quick, easy, and pretty much perfect for whatever your occasion entails. I've got [...]

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